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The Live the Future Programme is the flagship project of the newly established Metropolitan Foundation, based in Cape Town. The Programme, created by Metropolitan using robust actuarial models and many years of data and research, set about defining a set of four scenarios - Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer - that detail the impact of HIV and AIDS and the range of possible futures for South Africa by 2025, depending on what action is taken. Under the Metropolitan Foundation, the Programme has developed into a comprehensive practical response to address one of the largest threats to South Africa's healthy future.

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HCT Campaign: The Live the Future Programme supports the government's new HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) campaign that aims to test 15 million at-risk people by June 2011. [read more]  

AIDS Conference: Find out about the XVIII International AIDS Conference that took place in Vienna, Austria in July, 2010. Webcasts are available on the Kaiser Family Foundation website and you can view the Metropolitan Foundation's summary and perspective [here].

The Live the Future Scenarios
Provides a powerful tool to identify the direction in which a community or organisation is moving
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Live The Future Workshops alt

Live the Future workshops are run by trained and accredited facilitators. They are designed to help organisations and community leaders assess the scenario in which they are currently operating and provide guidance on the collaborative action that is needed to move towards a Summer for All scenario.

The scenario tools have been widely acknowledged as some of the most effective ways to create awareness, transfer knowledge and inspire personal and group action to combat the HIV and AIDS epidemic. These workshops are currently being held throughout the Western Cape. [read more]

The Western Cape Schools' Project

The Foundation is currently working together with the Western Cape’s Metro North Education District (MNED) on a schools-based operation to inspire and empower positive community action. Live the Future accredited facilitators are helping to run a combined three-day workshop in over 50 of the most resource-poor schools in the District. These workshops will help local community leaders to design and implement appropriate projects to tackle the HIV epidemic within their own communities. [read more]

Recent Live the Future News and Events

Project leaders receive training from Staffing Direct
A critical part of each project design in the Western Cape Schools' Project is to involve as many community members as possible and appoint a project leader to drive the project.  In a welcome development, the Staffing Direct Training Academy, a SETA-accredited and AAA-rated training organisation based in Cape Town, has offered to provide a complimentary two-day project management training course for all 53 appointed project managers in this Western Cape Schools' Project. [read more]

Wesbank Wellness Day organised by Live the Future facilitators
On Saturday 5th June a Wellness Day - incorporating soccer matches, dance performances by all age groups from toddlers through to young adults, poetry readings and a HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) campaign - was held at the Wesbank Sports Ground. It was enthusiastically attended by approximately 3,000 children and 2,500 adults, including the Mayor and the ward councillor. The day was a showcase for what can be achieved when communities collaborate. [read more]


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