Live the Future accreditation ceremony for community facilitators and stakeholders
Thursday, 04 March 2010 00:00

Nicolay and Paul van Zyl, current CEO of Metropolitan Holdings, each gave an address in the graduates’ honour.  Nine people received a stakeholder certificate and 18 people received a community facilitator certificate. The skilled stakeholders were responsible for mentoring and assessing the facilitators during their induction into the methodology of the Live the Future workshop programme.

Below: Nathea Nicolay talking to Soli Philander, a Live the Future stakeholder, and his wife; John Natham; the Live the Future facilitators receiving their certificates; and the Siyaya dance team in action.

Since the programme started in 2009 over 80 Live the Future workshops have been held in vulnerable communities around the Western Cape by these trained facilitators. Their role is to help organisations and community leaders assess the scenario in which they are currently operating and provide guidance on the collaborative action that is required to move their community towards a Summer for All scenario. The Live the Future scenario tools have been widely acknowledged as some of the most effective ways to create awareness, transfer knowledge and inspire personal and group action to combat the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Phase two of the programme involves the roll out of further workshops, follow-up workshops in communities that have already been targeted, and health promotion projects.

The ceremony was interspersed with several rousing song and dance performances by J L Zwane Siyaya of Gugulethu in Cape Town. This talented and highly successful group spreads messages of hope and education about issues such as HIV and AIDS using the performing arts medium. Siyaya concluded the ceremony by acting out the four different scenarios predicted for 2025, depending on what action we all take. We could be in a Winter of Discontent, an Autumn of Limited Opportunity, a Spring of Hope or, best of all, a Summer for All People.




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